Is Your Home Safe?


The holiday season is here and is your home safe? This is the time of year when burglars will most likely take advantage of those opportunities when you aren’t home. Whether it’s going shopping or to grandmas, someone could be watching your home waiting for you to leave.

Following these simple steps can help in protecting your home.

  • Don’t share your travel plans on any social media site. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Burglars will watch these sites to see when you plan on leaving your home.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked. Burglars will check for open windows and before breaking a window or glass door.
  • Take the time to set your alarm. Most of us are in a rush that we forget this. For those of us who forget sometimes, the phone app will allow you to set your alarm from your phone.
  • Know your neighbors. They can help “keep on eye” on things while you are away.
  • Keep your call list updated. If the monitoring station can’t get in touch with you or with someone on your list, a burglar might be long gone before anyone can respond.
  • Make sure your system has been maintained. Yearly inspections are a vital part of your alarm system. Spider webs, dust, and low batteries can cause your alarm to not function properly.
  • Place a proper yard sign in your yard to show everyone that you are protected. Statistics show that if you advertise your alarm system then you have a less likely chance of being burglarized.