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Flexwatch Hybrid IP Network Digital Surveillance Camera Systems:

Accel Communications is a proud factory authorized trained FlexWATCH dealer. FlexWATCH can assists you protect your business from shoplifting, employee theft and false accident claims with a complete IP based closed circuit camera surveillance system. FlexWATCH is very effective in Schools as there is already an existing network backbone in place to put in place your network video controllers throughout. It will also allow you to keep an eye on your entire facility via the web or your smart phone at once while also eliminating the need for expensive guard services. It also addresses employee safety issues. Cameras can be mounted in locations such as parking lots, entryways and hallways to deter intruders and to keep employees safe on company premises. When used in combination with access control, camera surveillance is an extremely effective way to maintain facility safety. Now, FlexWATCH® products are actively being applied in factory security, city surveillance and national disaster defense system, facility monitoring system, campus security. Your project manager can maximize all the benefits of the networked video solutions by relying on FlexWATCH® products that leads to peace of mind.

FlexWATCH® is a brand of integrated network video solutions for the professional IP surveillance including hardware and software. Hardware equipment includes network cameras, network video servers, and network video recorders. Once installed on any network, the users can experience the genuine benefits of IP surveillance that is real-time video & audio transmission regardless of the location of equipment. Video quality of the FlexWATCH technology uses Progressive Frame Mode Technology, which is possible as all interlaced videos are progressively formatted. So motion blurry or tearing effect is not shown in video quality.

All the FlexWATCH® IP camera, video server support dual stream, and transmit up to maximum 30fps of video streams at D1 resolution. FlexWATCH basically supports MJPEG compression format and MPEG4 or H.264 is additionally supported by some models. FlexWATCH generally supports MJPEG, widely used for recording video streams in IP based video surveillance systems. To efficiently make the use of bandwidth for the transmission, we additionally support MPEG4, H.264 compression format. FlexWATCH® IP camera, video sever has built-in motion detector and DI/DO is used as pairs per video channel.


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