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Local Security Monitoring
In Phoenix, AZ


central-station-300x171Accel Communications, Inc. contracts staff of trained security alarm monitoring professionals operates from an FM Approved 6,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Our Electric Power for security alarm monitoring is backed up by a pair of 45kw generators, and a 40kw Liebert Series 300 UPS. Our security alarm monitoring software and services are protected from power outages that leave other companies in the dark. In the event of a power failure the UPS provides up to four hours of uninterrupted power to receivers and security alarm monitoring servers during only a 4 second power up time of the Online Generator. The UPS system constantly cleans the feed of electricity until normal power can be restored.

Security Alarm Monitoring Software
With new accounts going online on a regular basis the need for backing up security alarm monitoring data is imperative. Our security alarm monitoring software systems automatically back up the entire database every 4 hours. Backups include all existing security alarm monitoring account information, any changes made or accounts added since the last backup, and an entire backup of the history logs for all accounts. In addition to the regularly scheduled backups, all security alarm monitoring data is backed up to CD ROM every 3 months.

What does all of this mean? It means you can have peace of mind knowing that your security alarm monitoring is in the hands of highly trained professionals, in a FM approved security alarm monitoring facility. Our redundant computers, state-of-the-art security alarm monitoring software, secured telephone lines, uninterruptible power supplies, and back up generators, provide fail-safe dependability and allows us all to sleep well at night.

Security Alarm Monitoring Choices:

  • All Major Reporting Formats Accepted
  • FM Approved
  • Two Way Voice Monitoring
  • Fire System Monitoring
  • AES Intellinet Radio (Where Applicable)
  • Alarm Net Radio (Where Applicable)
  • All Two Way Voice Equipment Supported
  • DMP Internet Monitoring
  • Emergency Elevator Two Way Voice Response
  • Real Time Dealer Access Via Internet
    • On Line Help Files Available
  • Wide Variety Of Activity Reports Available
  • Digital Voice Logging
  • Vehicle Tracking Capabilities
  • Fully Automated Touch Tone Technician Access
    • With Real Time Text Messaging

Our security alarm monitoring choices allow our Arizona customers to customize the way our security alarm monitoring operators handle their account. In addition to having customer online interface capabilities, we also allow different levels of access to be granted to different users. So your maintenance men, office managers, customer service departments or anyone that needs access to account info, but may or may not have access to edit the security alarm monitoring information, can add messages into the account activity REAL TIME at our security alarm monitoring station with the click of a button, it’s really up to you.

Tired of getting STUCK with a security alarm monitoring dispatch procedure that doesn’t fit your customers or business? At Accel Communications, Inc. YOU determine how we handle every type of security alarm monitoring event that comes into us, whether it is a internet signal, radio, burglar alarm or a fire alarm. Would you like responsible parties called before dispatch, or how about a separate call list for certain times of the day? At Accel Communications, Inc. we can do it for you. Your instructions are hard coded into the security alarm monitoring accounts so that operators have a set list of actions to perform based on your instructions.

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