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Brivo Access Control

Brivo Web Based Access Control Systems:

Accel Communications is a proud factory authorized trained Brivo Blue dealer based in the greater Phoenix area. Brivo is a valuable partner for us in the online world of access control. Brivo Online Access Control Systems make access control easy to use. Whether you have one door or thousands of doors across the globe, our “Access Anywhere” approach lets you securely manage your access control system through a standard Web browser, and view activity on your facilities. Brivo Online Access Control Systems gives you the power to manage your security system over the Web – anytime, anywhere. Having to use a dedicated workstation to manage security is a thing of the past with Brivo Online ACS Web Service. Grant access, print badges, open doors, set schedules and see who’s in your building with just a few clicks on you PC or smartphone. And rest assured this simple user interface is built on the industry’s most secure access control infrastructure. More Benefits of Access Anywhere:

  • Seamlessly assign and revoke access credentials, set automated door timers, manage users, run reports, and watch live and stored video with the ease of Web-based administration
  • Maintain centralized access control of all remote sites through a centrally hosted, Web-based platform
  • Receive real-time incident information via email, phone or text. A digital record of each facility’s system activity is updated in real time
  • Get powerful access control without the IT hassles or racks full of on-site equipment – all IT maintenance and software upgrades are professionally managed over the Internet by Brivo.

An Accel Communications, Inc. Brivo access control system protects equipment, inventory and confidential information by means of controlling employee access to certain areas. There is no longer the need to replace keys and locks when an employee is terminated, simply delete the employee’s access information with a few simple key strokes. Systems can also be designed to work in conjunction with your burglar and/or fire alarm system. If tracking within the building is necessary, the system can also be set up to provide reports which details the time employees arrive, which rooms they enter, and when they leave the building. Whether your business is small or large, there are many options and opportunities available with access control.

Selecting a security ID or access control system is one of the most important investments you’ll make in assuring the safety of the people who work in and visit your facility. That’s one reason why many leading companies have turned to Accel Communications, Inc. for security identification and access control solutions. Call today for your free online Demo.