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HIgh-Computing Video Surveillance

Using High-Performance Computing to Reduce the Costs of Deploying Video Surveillance

By Evan Gavrilles | April 22, 2020

The price of upgrading and adding new surveillance technology is often high, leaving businesses searching for ways to reduce the costs. Thanks to technological advancements, it’s much easier for businesses to add new and upgrade old video surveillance systems using high-performance computing.

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5 Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Hands-Free During COVID-19

By Evan Gavrilles | April 8, 2020

The onslaught of COVID-19 on communities around the world means that we have a new normal now, and it’s presenting business owners with new security challenges. If you’re sheltering in place, you may not be able to check your building physically, so you need modern tools to help limit contact with alarm card readers and keypads.

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Intelligent Bandwidth Management in IP Video

By Evan Gavrilles | March 23, 2020

IP video surveillance cameras are more modern and often the best choice for monitoring the security of your business. When using analog cameras, they must be hard-wired into a DVR while each IP security camera has its own IP address and works independently.

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IP Video Surveillance

The Basics of IP Video Surveillance

By Evan Gavrilles | March 12, 2020

IP video surveillance is a security term that you’ve probably heard before. People use it interchangeably with webcams, network cameras, and internet cameras, but there is a difference.

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Case Study: How A Pinkberry Franchisee Improved Location Safety with Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

By Evan Gavrilles | February 4, 2020

Eagle Eye Networks introduced the latest in innovative cloud storage solutions for businesses. The Eagle Eye Network Cloud VMS system makes it easy and more secure for businesses to store and access video surveillance footage from anywhere. Eagle Eye manages the system for your company or facility, so there are no third-party vendors. Cloud VMS is the most secure, responsive, and reliable cloud camera footage solution available today.

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Video Surveillance

The Future of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Storage Solutions

By Evan Gavrilles | January 30, 2020

While cloud-based storage for surveillance footage is popular now, Eagle Eye Networks has introduced the future of video management in their revolutionary Cloud Video Surveillance On-Demand Architecture or Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. This platform is truly cloud-based and not a refurbishment of old Windows or Linux software based in the cloud. Here’s what sets this solution apart.

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Video Surveillance

Why Resolution Matters When Choosing a Surveillance Solution

By Evan Gavrilles | January 23, 2020

When selecting security cameras for your business, past experience teaches us to purchase the most cutting-edge technology meaning those that are Ultra High Definition. But before you run out and buy the best cameras on the market, consider the total expense of the security system, including storage.

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Video Surveilance

What to Know Before Installing Video Surveillance in Apartment Complexes

By Evan Gavrilles | January 19, 2020

When it comes to security at apartment complexes, installing video surveillance can protect ownership from liabilities and safeguard their investments while keeping tenants safe. But before installing video surveillance for apartment complex security, there are few things to know.

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Apartment Security

Improving Tenant Experience With Better Security

By Evan Gavrilles | January 12, 2020

If you’re a property manager, then you understand how difficult it is to balance the security of your tenants and buildings with the ever-rising costs while increasing revenues. You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about your video surveillance and access control. That’s where Brivo Onair comes in to provide you the best security possible to protect your tenants and buildings. It also allows you to manage your properties from anywhere on any one of your smart devices.

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Hotel Security

How to Prepare for the Worst with Mass Notification Systems for Hotels

By Evan Gavrilles | December 28, 2019

Every year fire departments in the U.S. respond to an average of 3,520 motel and hotel structure fires. These fires cause millions of dollars in damage and civilian casualties. Cooking equipment was the main cause of hotel and motel fires and accounted for about half of them. It’s critical to have a way to notify all guests and staff on the property in case of fires and other emergencies. Mass notification systems are the perfect security solution to help hotels and motels notify large amounts of people about dangers and threats on the premises.

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