Phoenix Restaurant Security Gets Stronger With Video Analytics

Choosing the right partner to add video surveillance to your restaurant matters. 

Can your current security system allow you to do the following?

  • Remote access streamlines management and visibility via CCTV for restaurant chains.
  • Incident-based alerts and video timestamps strengthen security.
  • Third-party point-of-sale (POS) integrations help quickly identify fraudulent transactions.
  • Intuitive Cloud VMS anyone with any level of skill level can use.
  • Compatibility with a broad range of cameras, including IP, analog and HD over coax.
  • Flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates.

The Benefits of Eagle Eye Networks Cameras for Restaurant Video Surveillance Systems

Ensuring workers are upholding health standards while creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers is vital for food and beverage establishments.

  • Capture the exchange of funds, goods and customer-employee interactions to ensure the quality of service and staff safety.
  • Monitor kitchen and food prep stations to mitigate potential risks and ensure proper food handling.
  • Use analytic tools to reduce theft, receive alerts due to unwanted activity and highlight potential security concerns.

Strategic Insights with Advanced Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics turns your security cameras into powerful tools that not only provide visibility into the day-to-day of your business but also provide insight into opportunities for operational improvement.

Eagle Eye Networks offers a wide array of advanced analytics. People Counting and Line Crossing, in particular, are two of the most requested analytics by restaurant owners.

Real-time Insight Into Customer Behavior

Do you ever wonder exactly how many customers enter your restaurant each week? Do you know peak times for traffic, and how they vary each day?

With People Counting, restaurant owners can easily document how many customers enter and exit each location, and at which hours. This information makes it easy to monitor traffic flow and patterns that are crucial to the operations of your business.

Minimize Theft, Break-ins and Vandalism with Our Restaurant Video Surveillance Systems

Line Crossing sends an alert when an individual crosses over a predetermined line set to a camera. With line crossing analytics, you can get notified when an off-limits area of your business is entered, ensuring that the most vulnerable areas of your business are securely covered.

Improve Your Investigation of Suspicious Cash Register Transactions

One of the biggest issues restaurants face is employee theft. Cameras from Eagle Eye for restaurant chains (or standalone), on their own, can significantly minimize this risk but integrating POS and video surveillance enables you to view your sales and payment data in one place, eliminating the need to run multiple platforms. Search transactions by querying filters and easily view video tied to events to quickly identify fraudulent transactions.

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