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I have been actively involved in the electronic security industry for over 44 years. From an install technician, service technician, sales and now general manager and owner of my own company. I enjoy working with people and running a great company with an outstanding team.

Multi-Housing Security for Post-Pandemic Construction in Arizona

All sectors have been impacted by the economic fluctuations of the past few years, including the construction industry. If you own a multi-housing building in Arizona, construction companies have your livelihood in their hands. Fortunately, their industry is experiencing a rebound in the post-pandemic era.  

Improving Apartment Security in Summer

Summer has been a time of heightened crime throughout the apartment complexes of Arizona. From a robbery attempt at a Tucson complex in June, to teens opening fire on police officers after committing a burglary in Glendale, there have been numerous crimes of concern in local multi-housing this summer. 

Using Video Surveillance to Stop Loitering in Arizona

Using Video Surveillance to Stop Loitering in Arizona

Nearly every business with a storefront will be confronted with the problem of loitering at some point. Unfortunately, the commonality of loitering doesn’t make it a trivial matter. Loitering is more than just a nuisance; when it’s a persistent issue, loitering can prevent patrons from entering not just once or twice, but permanently. This can create a devastating domino effect and lead to a business ultimately shutting its doors for good.  

Transforming Your Cameras Into Business Intelligence Tools

Transforming Your Cameras Into Business Intelligence Tools

In addition to alerting your organization to intrusion from the outside and occupational fraud from within, our security cameras can transform your video surveillance system into a critical business intelligence platform. Here is some information on the value of business intelligence, and how your small business can use it to an advantage. 

Banking Security Systems to Prevent Occupational Fraud

Internal theft is a crime often associated with the retail and food service industries. However, professional sectors like finance are extremely hard-hit by incidents of internal theft and occupational fraud committed by employees. But what constitutes fraud, and how can the right banking security systems help with its prevention? Here are the answers. 

Banking security

Banking Security Systems and Solutions

The financial sector is more vulnerable to security breaches than nearly any other industry, and our local region has experienced it firsthand recently. On March 25, the FBI took a serial bank robber off the streets of Phoenix after he hit four local bank branches from November through March. Bank robberies are not antiquated occurrences; they still happen, and the perpetrators have become more shrewd at carrying out the crime. To protect financial institutions throughout Arizona, Accel Communications offers a variety of banking security systems. Our solutions include the following. 

Using What You Have When Upgrading Video Security Systems

In recent months, there have been numerous armed robbery incidents throughout the business community in Phoenix. Because video security systems can help protect your business if it’s targeted by criminals, now is the right time to ensure you have adequate video surveillance coverage. If you have cameras installed, it may still be time for an upgrade to cloud video storage so you can check cameras more quickly and access footage on demand. 

Access Control Systems for Arizona Apartments with Young Tenants

Access control systems have all but replaced traditional keys for modern apartment buildings. If you operate Arizona apartment buildings that have not yet transitioned to electronic access control, you’re missing out on the next generation of loyal tenants. Here’s why you want to do all you can to attract them, and how access control can help.   

Smart Tech Solutions for Multi-Family Buildings

If you manage a multi-family building, the stakes are high to keep your residents satisfied with the standard of living and amenities provided. In order to continue renewing leases, tenants want a building that helps them develop community, that intangible quality that transforms a pleasant living environment into a sought-out living experience.

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