Protecting Your Business with the Right Access Control Entry in Arizona

Protecting Your Business with the Right Access Control Entry in Arizona

One thing we have learned about access control entry from Arizona businesses is that it can be a challenge to keep property secure without alienating employees. Taking all of this into account, here are some ways business owners and company administrators can use access control to protect the premises while respecting the roles of employees.

Implement the principle of least privilege. 

According to a 2023 Identity and Access Management report by Cybersecurity Insiders, approximately 50% of organizations are giving their employees far more access privileges than necessary. This can leave them vulnerable to internal theft of all kinds, from information theft to loss of equipment, supplies, and other physical assets. The principle of least privilege suggests that an organization should grant employee access to sensitive areas throughout the building on an \”as needed\” basis. By only giving access to what each employee needs to perform the core responsibilities of their respective jobs. If they need temporary access to a sensitive area, then access control entry can be granted temporarily. We make this easy with a single, web-based user interface that enables administrators to manage access for every employee. 

Choose the most suitable credentials. 

There are pros and cons for every type of access control credential; it’s up to every business to select the right one for them. The first consideration should be who your users are. If they are primarily employees, then access cards, key fobs or badges may be the right choice.

More restrictive options, like door buzzers and keypads, are often a better fit for managing customer, visitor, and vendor access; they are also good options for multi-family residential properties.

To maximize the effectiveness of access control entry while protecting your bottom line, consider what credentials are best for the people who are primary users of the system. 

Assign separate, designated entrances. 

For some organizations, it may be an appropriate decision to assign separate doors for employees and customers, each with their own access control entry. Arizona businesses that need to protect various parts of the premises with access control can choose from a keypad at specific entrances and door badges at others — and of course, all entrances can benefit from an extra layer of protection with a camera installation. This is just one example of the kind of versatility we can provide after learning more about your access control needs. 

Accel Communications can custom design an access control system that meets the specific needs of your property. To discuss access control entry for Arizona businesses, call Accel Communications today. 

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