Fast Growth for Your Security Strategy

You may have a security strategy for your business, but is it achieving everything you need it to? Here are some video surveillance features to look for that can quickly help you reach a more robust security climate at your business. 

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Extra Security for Your Summer Hours

Summer Security

Maybe your summer hours mean shorter days because of slower crowds, or longer nights because of a packed house. If you’d like to devote some time to enjoying more of the summer yourself, then maybe it means an extra day or two of closure every week to give yourself a break. Whatever changes you make to your business hours for the summer, here are some extra considerations that can help boost your security. 

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Defending Your Office Building Against Summer Security Risks

Building Security

For retail businesses, restaurants and the hospitality industry, the summer is always a risky time in terms of building security. But if you own an office building or own a business that leases one, your property is subject to its own security risks in the summer as well — risks that can impact employee safety,…

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Assessing and Improving Physical Security for Your Workplace in 2021

Office Building

Information security in the workplace is still vitally important – but in 2021, physical security needs to move to the front seat. As you turn your focus to improving physical security at your business, your first step should be a security audit. This is the foundation you need to keep your office safe from intruders, burglars and others who would breach your building’s security. Here are some of the measures that can be examined during your security audit.

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How Smart Security Can Automate Your Office

Office Automation

There are offices, and then there are smart offices: workspaces that have the technology needed to operate in an automated fashion. If you’re a business owner, automating your office with smart technology is a great way to decrease the amount of time you spend managing an office, and increase the amount of time you spend building a business. Here are some examples of smart security solutions that can help you automate your office in the coming year.

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5 Security Investments to Budget for Next Year

Security Investments

Retailers have been forced to tighten their belts for 2021, but the events of 2020 have also created new security risks for employees and customers while triggering a major uptick in vandalism and theft. As next year’s budget is being ordered, here are five security investment suggestions to consider.

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Why You Need an Intelligent Security System for Your Business

Business Security Systems

A security system may be the only thing that stands between your business and disaster, so doesn’t your company deserve an affordable and smart security solution? You may think that you can’t afford the latest in security technology, but can you afford not to buy one that actually protects your employees, visitors, and assets?

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Hands-Free Security Considerations for a Safer Workplace

The year 2020 has been a difficult one, to say the least, as COVID-19 disrupted how everyone in the world does business. Now companies everywhere must scramble to create safer processes, as going hands-free to stop the spread of the virus is the new way to do business today. There are several things to consider when choosing how and what to use to create a safer environment as whom it will involve.

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