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How Card Readers Can Elevate Your Security Game

How Card Readers Can Elevate Your Security Game

From commercial office buildings to the residential multi-family space, there is a need to up the efficacy of building security. Arizona stakeholders in these buildings can get the improved efficiency they need from security in many ways; one of them is by adding smart card readers to their security regimen. Accel Communications recommends these access control readers to anyone looking to add a new level of sophistication to their security procedures. Here’s what they can offer. 

Access Control Solutions for Government Properties

Access Control Solutions for Government Properties

For those managing security on government properties, expanding, upgrading and scaling video surveillance is an outstanding way to leverage a technology that’s already onsite by making it more powerful and effective. However, there is another technology that should be implemented for government security: access control. Arizona government security managers, Here’s what you can benefit from when we install access control at your site. 

Video Surveillance Solutions for Government and Municipal Security

Video Surveillance Solutions for Government and Municipal Security

Whether you manage security for a federal property in Arizona, an Arizona state government property, or a local municipal building, you need security technology that eliminates vulnerabilities and protects the premises from crime. At Accel Communications, that’s exactly what we have provided to government properties throughout the state, from military installations, to public schools, to state and local government service buildings. Depending on your needs, we may recommend these measures. 

Shifting Your Construction Budget to Building Security in Phoenix

Shifting Your Construction Budget to Building Security in Phoenix

Thanks to interest rate hikes and water supply concerns, the construction market has slowed in Phoenix. This is a good time for development companies and building ownership to shift their construction budgets to making improvements to their existing buildings  — and one of the best places to shift the budget to is building security.

4 Reasons You Need Intrusion Detection at Your Business

4 Reasons You Need Intrusion Detection at Your Business

When many people think about intrusion detection systems, such as those that use camera monitoring, glass breaking detection, remote access, motion detection, or other technologies, they perceive it to be a singular use, one-dimensional investment that will make a loud noise or alert you when an event is occurring. But actually, an intrusion detection system can do a lot more for your business. Here are four reasons we consider to be very impactful. 

Multi-Housing Security for Post-Pandemic Construction in Arizona

All sectors have been impacted by the economic fluctuations of the past few years, including the construction industry. If you own a multi-housing building in Arizona, construction companies have your livelihood in their hands. Fortunately, their industry is experiencing a rebound in the post-pandemic era.  

Banking Security Systems to Prevent Occupational Fraud

Internal theft is a crime often associated with the retail and food service industries. However, professional sectors like finance are extremely hard-hit by incidents of internal theft and occupational fraud committed by employees. But what constitutes fraud, and how can the right banking security systems help with its prevention? Here are the answers. 

Using What You Have When Upgrading Video Security Systems

In recent months, there have been numerous armed robbery incidents throughout the business community in Phoenix. Because video security systems can help protect your business if it’s targeted by criminals, now is the right time to ensure you have adequate video surveillance coverage. If you have cameras installed, it may still be time for an upgrade to cloud video storage so you can check cameras more quickly and access footage on demand. 

Smart Tech Solutions for Multi-Family Buildings

If you manage a multi-family building, the stakes are high to keep your residents satisfied with the standard of living and amenities provided. In order to continue renewing leases, tenants want a building that helps them develop community, that intangible quality that transforms a pleasant living environment into a sought-out living experience.

Security of Your Data and Signals

There has been tremendous growth in the electronic security industry throughout the pandemic, as more organizations have become concerned about the breaches of their buildings and assets. With so many new accounts going online, the need for backing up security system monitoring data continues to deepen. 

Your Alarm Account, Your Choice

Some alarm monitoring providers dictate the terms of your account to a stringent degree. At Accel Communications, we know our business security customers are smart enough to make their own choices.

Extra Security for Your Summer Hours

Maybe your summer hours mean shorter days because of slower crowds, or longer nights because of a packed house. If you’d like to devote some time to enjoying more of the summer yourself, then maybe it means an extra day or two of closure every week to give yourself a break. Whatever changes you make to your business hours for the summer, here are some extra considerations that can help boost your security. 

Five-Step Technology Roadmap for Commercial Security

Every commercial enterprise wants to do security correctly, but it\’s easy to be intimidated by the emerging technologies involved. Using this roadmap, you can see how simple the technology is and understand the basics of commercial security. 

Assessing and Improving Physical Security for Your Workplace in 2021

Information security in the workplace is still vitally important – but in 2021, physical security needs to move to the front seat. As you turn your focus to improving physical security at your business, your first step should be a security audit. This is the foundation you need to keep your office safe from intruders, burglars and others who would breach your building’s security. Here are some of the measures that can be examined during your security audit.

How Smart Security Can Automate Your Office

There are offices, and then there are smart offices: workspaces that have the technology needed to operate in an automated fashion. If you’re a business owner, automating your office with smart technology is a great way to decrease the amount of time you spend managing an office, and increase the amount of time you spend building a business. Here are some examples of smart security solutions that can help you automate your office in the coming year.

5 Security Investments to Budget For

Retailers have been forced to tighten their belts for 2021, but the events of 2020 have also created new security risks for employees and customers while triggering a major uptick in vandalism and theft. As next year’s budget is being ordered, here are five security investment suggestions to consider.

Why You Need an Intelligent Security System for Your Business

A security system may be the only thing that stands between your business and disaster, so doesn’t your company deserve an affordable and smart security solution? You may think that you can’t afford the latest in security technology, but can you afford not to buy one that actually protects your employees, visitors, and assets?

Hands-Free Security Considerations for a Safer Workplace

The year 2020 has been a difficult one, to say the least, as COVID-19 disrupted how everyone in the world does business. Now companies everywhere must scramble to create safer processes, as going hands-free to stop the spread of the virus is the new way to do business today. There are several things to consider when choosing how and what to use to create a safer environment as whom it will involve.

The Basics of IP Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance is a security term that you’ve probably heard before. People use it interchangeably with webcams, network cameras, and internet cameras, but there is a difference.

Improving Tenant Experience With Better Security

If you’re a property manager, then you understand how difficult it is to balance the security of your tenants and buildings with the ever-rising costs while increasing revenues. You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about your video surveillance and access control. That’s where Brivo Onair comes in to provide you the best security possible to protect your tenants and buildings. It also allows you to manage your properties from anywhere on any one of your smart devices.

How to Prepare for the Worst with Mass Notification Systems for Hotels

Every year fire departments in the U.S. respond to an average of 3,520 motel and hotel structure fires. These fires cause millions of dollars in damage and civilian casualties. Cooking equipment was the main cause of hotel and motel fires and accounted for about half of them. It’s critical to have a way to notify all guests and staff on the property in case of fires and other emergencies. Mass notification systems are the perfect security solution to help hotels and motels notify large amounts of people about dangers and threats on the premises.

Hotel Security 101: How To Ensure An Enjoyable And Safe Experience For Guests

The primary goal for hotels is to provide their guests with a safe and enjoyable experience. For hotels, it’s imperative to install a comprehensive security system that secures the property.  But it must be discreet so that it doesn’t interfere with the building’s overall appearance and functionality. Hoteliers should install several vital security systems for maximum protection that can blend in with the environment.

Maintenance and Support: What You Should Expect After the Sale

It takes a while to find a security integrator that you trust with the experience necessary to install a security or fire alarm system. Once you purchase the system and the alarm company installs it, the relationship with your alarm company doesn’t just end. There are usually additional services offered because an alarm system requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Security Systems Installation: Why Project Management Experience Matters

Experience in project management is critical for proper security system integration and installation in commercial businesses as well as governmental, healthcare, and educational industries. These projects are large in scale, and each one requires customization since no two buildings, facilities, or campuses are the same.  Only an experienced integrator can plan and implement complex projects successfully.

Implementing Access Control: The Essential Guide For Building Owners

Security is a prime concern for building owners and managers. With multi-family units, there is a constant flow of new tenants and guests. In organizations, there are never-ending streams of employees and visitors. The constant flow of people makes it difficult to restrict access to resident-only spaces and ensure the safety of everyone in public areas.

How To Create A Security Plan That Grows With Your Company

A security plan is vital to protect your organization’s physical and business intelligence assets. There’s more to it than installing a security system and calling it a day. You need a comprehensive security plan that combines with a complete security system to secure your business. Here are a few guidelines to help you develop and implement the best security plan for your specific business.

5 Advantages of Security Systems Integration

Businesses in the healthcare, government, commercial, industrial, education, or hospitality sectors each possess unique security challenges that are best met through strategic security system integration: intrusion, access control and video surveillance technologies. 

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