Access Control Solutions to Ensure a Safer Facility During & After COVID-19

Now businesses in the U.S. are beginning to adapt to the new normal that COVID-19 brought to the world. Facilities everywhere are changing policies and procedures and trying to find more efficient, safe ways to operate facilities with the health of visitors and employees in mind. Brivo products such as Brivo Onair, Brivo Visiter, and Brivo Mobile Pass now come with Facility Safety features to streamline and improve new access control processes for everyone onsite.

5 Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Hands-Free During COVID-19

The onslaught of COVID-19 on communities around the world means that we have a new normal now, and it’s presenting business owners with new security challenges. If you’re sheltering in place, you may not be able to check your building physically, so you need modern tools to help limit contact with alarm card readers and keypads.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Cloud Access Control

With a cloud access system, there is no other installation other than the readers. These readers use traditional internet communication protocols and take advantage of existing Ethernet or WiFi infrastructure already in place. Everything is managed by a web browser, and this allows the facility’s administrator or site manager to easily maintain the whole system through the subscriber portal. If a business has an IT department, then it can manage the cloud access system.

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