May 2022

Banking Security Systems to Prevent Occupational Fraud

Internal theft is a crime often associated with the retail and food service industries. However, professional sectors like finance are extremely hard-hit by incidents of internal theft and occupational fraud committed by employees. But what constitutes fraud, and how can the right banking security systems help with its prevention? Here are the answers. 

Banking security

Banking Security Systems and Solutions

The financial sector is more vulnerable to security breaches than nearly any other industry, and our local region has experienced it firsthand recently. On March 25, the FBI took a serial bank robber off the streets of Phoenix after he hit four local bank branches from November through March. Bank robberies are not antiquated occurrences; they still happen, and the perpetrators have become more shrewd at carrying out the crime. To protect financial institutions throughout Arizona, Accel Communications offers a variety of banking security systems. Our solutions include the following. 

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