6 Essential Security Technologies You Need for Your Business

6 Essential Security Technologies You Need for Your Business

Ever wondered if your security program at your business was set up to handle all the different kinds of threats or events that could pose a threat? You are probably aware of video surveillance and door sensors, but what other technology exists that could keep your assets safe? 

we will explore 10 useful technologies that you really should be using if you want to have the safest operation possible. 

  1. Siren Alarms — Nothing really sounds quite as intimidating as a siren blasting at full volume, especially if you are in an area you shouldn’t be or doing something that you know is problematic. The second that an intruder or suspicious person hears these alerts, they will think twice about their decision and likely flee as quickly as possible. 
  2. Glass Break Detection — Glass breaks at a certain frequency, and many businesses have buildings that use a lot of glass in the construction. It might be great for natural light, but as a security feature, glass is less than optimal. With glass break detection, though, your security system is listening 24/7 for that high frequency associated with shattered glass. If anyone tries to break into your building by smashing glass, they may as well have triggered a tripwire. 
  3. Motion Detection — Many residential homes use motion detection in some form, but businesses often don’t think to utilize it since the environment isn’t as controlled as their own home. But using motion detection to quarantine certain sections of your business at different points throughout the day can make sure your most valuable assets or areas are well-guarded.
  4. Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Detection — You probably have some form of these in your home, but these concerns can also raise issues for your employees and work environment as well. The last thing you want to do is wait for someone to notice a fire is happening and then maybe call emergency services to respond. With this kind of detection, your response will be as swift as possible, minimizing your losses and the headache that will result from these accidents. 
  5. CCTV — The ability to have someone monitor and record all sections of your business at once is hugely valuable when it comes to preventing theft and creating a safe environment. You don’t want to wait until an event occurs to suddenly wish you were able to somehow record it — stay ahead of the issue and get it installed early in case an event ever does occur. ‘
  6. Outdoor Cameras — The ability to see and respond to an intruder before they make it into the premises can help prevent a lot of potential theft from occurring. The simple act of having cameras on display alone is enough to deter many potential wrongdoers just by virtue of letting them know that your business isn’t lax on its security. 

If you need help understanding any of these technologies or how you can implement them into your business, reach out to us — we are happy to help!. 

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