Secure Your Business Better with Intelligent Access Control

Upgrading to a new access control system may seem expensive, but how expensive is it to continue to upkeep your old one? Replacing lost and missing keys becomes expensive, as does replacing old locks. And how much overtime are you paying for managers to respond to your business after hours because of lockouts?

New access control systems integrate with your old system and bring convenience and security unmatched by old legacy systems.

Manger User Access Easily

With a smart access control system, you can manage users no matter where you are, using the security dashboard. It’s easy to use and allows you to revoke departing employees’ access and setup keycards, fobs, or lock codes for new employees.

To make things easier, the system lets you set up an access profile for the various employee roles in your business. This makes it simple to assign a new employee to a specific profile for the access they need. Now you control access by assigning different employees different access levels that you can customize to specific days and times.

Unlock and Lock Doors Remotely

When you can unlock or lock doors without being physically present, that’s the ultimate convenience. Previously you had to get dressed and drive to work to open a door for an unexpected delivery or employee lockout. Now you can simply unlock or lock a door with the security app on your mobile device. You can check who is at the door with your security cameras and then unlock the door in seconds.

Access Tracking and Alerts Let You Know What’s Going On

Since intelligent access control integrates with your smart security system, you can set up alerts, so you receive notifications on the activity you want to monitor. You’ll know if your store closes late or if someone keeps a door propped open. The system can even show you how many times restricted areas like storerooms are accessed.

Getting a smarter access control system protects your employees and visitors and enhances overall security. Contact Accel Communications about replacing your old legacy system today.

ABOUT Accel Communications, Inc.

Accel Communications has operated in the Greater Arizona area since 1990 as a full-service security alarm company that sells, installs, monitors, and services fire and security systems. They are the leader in Honeywell Fire, Brivo Web-Based Access Control, Eagle Eye and Flexwatch CCTV camera systems, and DMP Security.

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