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Accel Communication is Arizona's top choice for commercial security systems, access control, video surveillance, fire protection monitoring, and more.

Offering World Class Arizona Security System Services

Accel Communications is a family-owned local business that has protected Arizona for over 30years. We design customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry, organization and facility we serve. With a growing national and international network, we have the technology and expertise to help you secure your assets, manage your business and protect your employees. Choose us for your commercial security systems in Arizona.


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Commercial Security System Company with the Best Track Record in Arizona

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Trusted for decades, Accel Communications provides business owners with custom-built commercial security systems. Your Arizona business will be safe and secure 24/7 with Accel.

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Looking to protect your business?

We are Arizona's Leader in Commercial Security

Our team will work with you to shore up your security and make you a hard target for Arizona criminals.

We are best known for:

    • Commercial Security Camera Systems
    • Commercial Alarm Systems
    • Office Security Systems
    • Small Business Security Systems
    • Business Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Security Systems for Every Industry

Small, Mid-Size and Enterprise Operations Throughout Phoenix Trust Accel Communications
Small And Single-site Facilities
Multi-Family Residential
Large Business Enterprises
  • Recording keycard access of entrances and exits to the building
  • Integrating the fire alarm, surveillance, and access control systems
  • Choosing your preferred method of detection from magnetic contacts, photoelectric beams, motion or glass break detectors, and pressure or shock sensors
  • Installing time delays for entry and exit
  • Automatically activating the security and switching off the lights

Professional installation is better for business security systems because a trained technician can install and test your system with no hiccups. With something as valuable as your business, you do not want to be doing the hardware installation yourself. There is too much room for error.

Whether you are a small business, or large corporation, seeking the help of an expert security technician can help ensure your system is set up optimally. Keep your peace of mind with high-quality equipment installed at your business correctly the first time. 

Yes. Accel Communications specializes in access control for businesses.

Access control systems enhance security by limiting business entry only to authorized personnel, and providing a visitor record of who entered specific areas and when.

Modern commercial access control systems are highly customizable. Often, the software can be set up using your existing equipment. When correctly installed, access control can significantly increase a business’s security.


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    Accel brings the best digital security technology to every commercial installation and design project, supported by best in class technology integrations. 

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